Information Regarding Federal OSHA Inspections

The Federal OSHA Statistics and Data Webpage can be difficult to navigate, but it provides access to OSH data regarding injuries and illnesses as well as fatalities and other OSH incidents. Reports made available through this page catalogue data by industry, region, demographics and other categories. A wide array of search tools are also available, allowing for searches by establishment (employer), accident investigation, inspection, code and other categories.

Researching an Employer's OSH History
The “Establishment Search” is a tool for locating inspections conducted at a particular workplace.

Researching Data by Industry
The OSHA pages also have tool to search inspections and citations by industry; however, to use these tools requires using special codes from the SIC (Standard Industrial Code), and NAICS (North American Industry Classification System). The first step when attempting to search a given industry is to determine the SIC and NAICS codes for that industry. Once you have determined the code for a particular industry, it can be used in the Search Inspections by SIC tool to retrieve data regarding inspections performed by Federal OSHA within that industry. Or it can be used in the Search Citations by SIC tool to retrieve data regarding common citations in given industries. This tool includes other parameters for narrowing a search such as date and state. The results are also not always complete (the IMIS system which is used to compile OSH inpsection data has severe limitations), but it will provide some initial guidance.

Finding an NAICS Code and Using it to Search for OSHA Inspections
NAICS codes are usually sufficient for an industry search and can be easier to find than SICs. The U.S. Census Bureau hosts a tool to search for NAICS codes by keyword. Click here to go to the page which hosts the tool in a column on the left. Enter key words such as “car washes” and retrieve the NAICS code from the table retrieved by the search. Once you have retrieved the NAICS code, return here to enter the code and retrieve data for OSHA searches conducted in that industry.

Finding a SIC and Using it to Search for OSHA Inspections
The NAICS Association hosts a tool that allows you to search by keyword to find the NAICS and SIC codes for a particular industry. Click here to link to that tool. To use the tool, enter the industry keywords (“car washes,” for example) into the “Common Keywords” search bar. This will retrieve a table displaying the names of matching industries and their corresponding NAICS codes. Clicking on a given NAICS code displays a new table which includes corresponding SIC codes. Return to the OSHA Search Inspections by SIC tool and enter the SIC code to retrieve data regarding OSHA inspections in that industry.

Using a SIC to Search for Common Citations by Industry
Once you have obtained the SIC for the particular industry you are interested in you can use that code to search for the most frequently cited OSH standards by going to the Search Citations by SIC tool.

Researching Injury and Illness Rates - Incidence Rate Calculator and Comparison Tool
Click here for a tool (U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics) that will allow you to calculate injury and illness incidence rates as well as compare these rates across industries and to similar sectors.