Workers’ Compensation

If a worker is injured at work, he or she can get some relief from the Workers’ Compensation system, a right created by various state legislatures. In California the Division of Workers' Compensation is the agency responsible for implementing this system. The resources and links below explain the system–who is eligible for benefits, what kinds of benefits are available, how to get them, and more.

Assisting Injured Workers: A Manual on Workers’ Compensation for Legal Services Programs
The manual featured here was designed to help Legal Services Programs provide support for individuals pursuing workers’ compensation claims; however, the information it contains is useful to anyone trying to navigate a workers’ compensation issue.

Labor Occupational Health Program, University of California at Berkeley: Workers' Compensation Pages
EXCELLENT materials on Workers' Compensation. Click here for publications including fact sheets which can be viewed on-line and printed out. There is also a video. You can purchase a book of the material. And you can contact them for training and technical assistance.

State of California - Division of Workers' Compensation - Information and Assistance.
The Information & Assistance Unit is the government unit that helps injured workers who do NOT have an attorney. They will not assist you if you have an attorney.

Also, see the Division of Workers' Compensations Fact Sheets for Injured Workers.

Click here for a flyer in English and for a list in English of the times and locations of I&A Injured Worker Workshops as well as their offices.

Presione aqui para un folleto en español y para una lista en español de las horas y lugares de los Talleres para los I&A Obreros Lastimados así como sus oficinas.

NOLO PRESS - California Workers' Comp
This is a reasonably priced book that helps you represent yourself in the workers' comp system. Click here to see other Nolo Press employment law self help books.

Working Immigrants
A web blog by Peter Rousmaniere (a workers' comp specialist).

Commission on Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation (CHSWC)
This site has numerous policy and reasearch papers and other resources including training materials.

California Applicants' Attorneys Association (CAAA)
Started in 1966, this group of attorneys focuses on workers’ comp cases. The website is updated regularly with examples of workers’ comp cases and related materials. It can also be used to obtain an attorney referral.

Click here to get a list of workers' comp attorneys who are members of the CAAA in your area. At the top of the webpage is a box for an attorney search. Enter your zip code or a nearby zip code (the system seems to produce the names of attorneys with offices in the zip code that begins with the same first 3 numbers - for example, you can enter 94000 and get every attorney with an office with a zip code that begins with 940, or enter 94100 and get every attorney with an office with a zip code that begins with 941).

Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC) This site has a tab called "Members" which can be used to search for attorneys by specific types of practice areas, including Worker's Compensation.

Workplace Injury Litigation Group

Free Legal Assistance for Low-Income Workers, Southern California
2 page handout of non-profits that offer free legal assistance primarily regarding wage claims to eligible low-income workers. These programs might also assist injured workers.
Provides information on legal aid services by topic and location.