Solve OSH Problems


Workers have the right to a safe place to work. Usually this right can be enforced on the job when workers are represented by a union. The union representative or a worksite steward assisted by the union representative can bring the problem to the attention of management and tell them that an OSH regulation or standard is being violated and that the law requires the employer to provide a safe place to work. Management should correct the hazard in order to avoid an OSH inspection.

Sometimes it takes a conversation followed by something in writing. And sometimes even that doesn’t work and the union or workers needs to file a complaint with the proper OSH agency. This means navigating the various laws, regulations and agencies designed to deal with occupational safety and health. In some cases it even means hiring an attorney and bringing legal action, but very few attorneys have experience with filing Cal/OSHA complaints.The legal rights to a safe place to work are not rights that give rise to a lawsuit with monetary damages. These legal rights only lead to an inspection of a workplace.

This section also contains factsheets, guides and links to help workers, union staff, legal services providers, and even OSH officials when dealing with unsafe or unhealthful work conditions on a work site, work place injuries, OSH research, and more.