Archived Proposals

Oppose AB 597 by Assembly Member Ken Cooley (D) Rancho Cordova

AB 597 hurts victims of asbestos poisoning. It forces them to jump through expensive and time-consuming legal hoops before they can move forward with a state court claim.  Delay assures that those most ill will die before their case is decided which reduces the recovery for the victim and his or her family.

Justice delayed is justice denied.  Please help us now to stop this anti-worker, anti-consumer legislation. Oppose AB 597 today!

Oppose H.R. 526 and S. 357

These bills threaten the rights and privacy of asbestos victims and their families. Please help us stop this anti-worker, anti-consumer legislation. Oppose H.R. 526 and S.357 today!

Are you affected by the Energy Future Holdings bankruptcy case?

You must file a claim now if you worked for one of many EFH companies around the US or internationally that builds or services power plants. You will lose your right to future compensation if you ever become ill from an asbestos-related disease.

SB 193 – Assisting Employers to Protect Employees Exposed to Toxic Materials. Join our efforts to assure that employers and employees are provided with vital information about hazards posed by toxic materials in the workplace and information about safe substitutes.

AB 1277 – Strengthening OSHA and Facilitating Appeals. We need your support!

AB 1165 – Increasing Worker Safety: Hazard Abatement. Take action now!

SB 829 – The OSHA Appeals Process: Strengthening Workers’ Voices and Assuring that the Appeals Board Process is Fair. SB 829, which originally focused on these issues, was used for another legislative proposal in 2012.

AB 1875Fair Time Limits for Civil Depositions. This bill limits the time allowed for depositions to one 7-hour day or, in complex cases where the person being questioned is dying as verified by a doctor, to two days of 14 hours.

AB 553Streamlining and Making Less Costly the Process for Setting Permissibile Exposure Limits (PELs) for Substances to which Workers are Exposed. This bill was held in the suspense file by the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

Employer’s Duty to Pay for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) –  An advisory committee was convened in 2012 to discuss whether there would be exceptions to the longstanding requirement established by California legal cases that employers must provide and pay for personal protective equipment – without exception. Through the efforts of labor and its allies, no changes in the law or regulations occurred.

Stop Publicly Subsidized Asbestos Mining! – The government of Quebec provided a public subsidy to support re-opening the Jeffrey asbestos mine in Asbestos, Quebec. The mine will now be open for another 25 years. As a result, millions of tons of asbestos will be exported to the developing world where it will cause enormous harm to health for generations.