Help Reduce Canadian Asbestos Production Oppose New Asbestos Mining Subsidy

January, 2011. The government of Quebec is currently deciding whether to give $58 million to an anonymous consortium of foreign investors to reopen the Jeffrey asbestos mine. If reopened, the mine would export 5 million tons of asbestos to Asia over the next 25 years. The Canadian chrysotile asbestos industry is trying to convince us that asbestos and asbestos mining can be safe. But this contention is indefensible! Learn more by reading our recent blog post on this issue.

On March 11, 2011 the Canadian Confederation of Trade Unions, which represents over 300,000 workers, voted against the $58 million plan. Click here to read the story.

We need your help to stop the mine from re-opening. Every bit of pressure helps. You can fax, email or if you are a scientist, join your notable colleagues by adding your name to a joint letter.

At this point, there are three main ways to help. We want letters from around the world sent to the government of Quebec. Share this page link with your social network, your union, and/or your colleagues.

1) Fax a General Opposition Letter to the Premier of Quebec

It is best for letters to be on your letterhead (professional, academic, victims organizations, health organizations, unions, environmental groups, etc), but your personal fax is also helpful. Fax as soon as possible. A decision could be made any day.

Faxing a letter of opposition to Quebec's Premier is better than email. Click here to download a model letter and copy the model letter on your own letterhead. Fax it today! (Note: The model letter is in both French and English; please send both for good measure.)

Fax either to (418) 643-3924 OR (514) 873-6769

Model Letter (French and English) [PDF]


2) Email Your Opposition

You can fax or email or both. To email click here for a web page where you can quickly and easily send in an email opposing the mine subsidy.

3) Letters from Doctors, Scientists and Health Care Professionals

Finally, if you are a health or science professional of some sort, your advocacy has a special role to play. You can add your expert support to the special letter addressed to the head of the Quebec Medical College from 53 Quebecois medical doctors who asked for an urgent meeting with the President of the Quebec College of Physicians, Dr. Charles Bernard.

By signing the joint letter asking the College to intervene in this disastrous situation where public health concerns are being ignored, you will increase the pressure. This appeal to the College is getting major media coverage in Quebec, and the joint letter will also be released to the press.
Will you add your name? If so, please send your name, country and titles (past titles are fine too) to:

Kathleen Ruff at and Dr. Arthur Frank at

Also, don't forget to circulate this to as many other potential signers as possible and ask them to sign!