AB 1277 - Occupational Safety Reform

Introduced by Assembly Member Nancy Skinner

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Click here for a copy of the original bill dated February 22, 2013 and click here for the most recent amended bill dated April 18, 2013.

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UPDATE: First Hearing

AB 1277 successfully passed its first hearing before the Assembly Labor & Employment Committee on April 24, 2013. Assembly Member Skinner provided an opening statement. WORKSAFE'S Jora Trang testified for the bill, followed by a testimony from Joan Lichterman on behalf of University Professional & Technical Employees, Communications Workers of America Local 9119, AFL-CIO. Click here to read the Bill Analysis, which lists all of its supporters as well as those who oppose the bill. Having passed this committee, AB 1277 will next be heared by the Assembly Appropriations Committee on May 8.

NEXT STEPS: Assembly Appropriations committee

AB 1277 is in the Assembly Appropriatioins committee awaiting a second hearing date. It is currently being held under submission.



The California Occupational Safety and Health program is designed to protect the working men and women of California. However, current practices and procedures do not assure that workers, their families, and their representatives always have the right and ability to meaningfully participate. To refocus the program on protecting worker health and safety and to assure a fair hearing for all, existing laws need to be clarified to ensure that both the “spirit of the law” and the “letter of the law” are followed.

AB 1277

AB 1277 improves the California Occupational Safety and Health program by doing the following:·